All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

Knees, knees, oh you damned knees!

They are feeling better today and only seem to ache in certain positions … so FINGERS CROSSED … maybe I can get back at this soon.

For an additional stab in the heart, the running shoes I ordered showed up via UPS yesterday.  I can now officially say that I’m all dressed up and have nowhere to go.  


When I  decided I was going to start running I knew I had to make a choice.  Get serious or don’t get serious.  I could use an old pair of sneakers that I’d worked in and walked in and just see how things went .. or I could buy a pair of shoes totally dedicated to running.  It’s almost like an engagement ring.  Buying a pair of committed running shoes was making a promise to myself that would make me hold myself accountable for my future actions.

My running self and I got engaged.  I bought a pair of running shoes.

It’s tough buying shoes on your own when you are top secretly running.  I couldn’t ask anyone for opinions or advice.  I had to research and shop around.  I started off by reading and watching videos about proper foot strike.  That lead me to barefoot running.  Running barefoot, from what I understand and I’m NO expert, helps you properly foot strike with the ball of your foot first.  It’s true for me.  With shoes on, I am heel planting like no one’s business.  Take my shoes off and I’m all ball of my foot.  Sadly, I’m a weanie and I will not run barefoot.  Sharp objects impaling your feet is scary enough … but when I walked that 10K a few weeks ago… it was a sea of loogies on the ground.  I do not want to plant my bare foot in someone’s spit.

The toe shoes kind of freak me out a bit too.  I’m just not sure how I feel about having my toes separated like that.  I found a happy neutral.  A minimalist shoe made by Merrell called the Vapor Glove.  What I love about this shoe (and I have only slipped it on my feet to walk around the house to check the sizing) is that it is so light.  I have always HATED big, heavy shoes.    

It does certainly help that it comes in very pretty colors!

Hopefully, I have not made a big mistake in purchasing a ‘barely there’ shoe.  It makes me second guess myself that maybe I should have looked into a shoe with more support for my pissed off knees.  For now, I’m going to stick with my first theory.  If I can manage proper form and foot strike, my knees will thank me in the long run.

What is your favorite running shoe?